Hugs and Cake

I'm Xanthe. I make films and post pictures of The Beatles and an assortment of other classy things. This blog is infected with a healthy mix of enthusiasm and bitterness. If you talk to me I will share my gingerbread with you. x



My must follow Beatles Blogs:

wearingraincoats - Perfection in blog form, a beautiful mix of Beatles and art and culture. A lovely interesting person whose also has an incredible talent to writing which occasionally results in some top quality J/P slash.

beatlesneveroutofstyle - Has been keeping a steady stream of new Beatles pictures flowing into this fandom for a couple of years. Has some really interesting coherent opinions to share to if you’re alert enough to listen.

ensignwhispy - More multi-fandom now but has been providing my dash with a nice mix of Beatles pictures at more unusual times of day for a while now.

sleeping-on-a-dandelion - Completely wonderful blog, mix of Beatles and general vintage photography ALWAYS in my tumblr crushes and usually at the top.

thegilly - Not around as much now but posts wonderful scans and has a terrific archive to look back on everything labeled beautifully within context. Fantastic person to, intelligent and witty seriously talk to her!

bourgeois-cliches - Sweet funny person with very high quality Beatles blog. Has the cutest dog to.

smokeandthebeatles - Just go to her blog and I won’t even need to say anything it is so beautiful you will be aroused.

beatowl - Our quirky little fandom artist. Doesn’t post as much now :’( but seriously go throw her art tag you will choke on the loveliness.

Now I want to hear yours!

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