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I'm Xanthe. I make films and post pictures of The Beatles and an assortment of other classy things. This blog is infected with a healthy mix of enthusiasm and bitterness. If you talk to me I will share my gingerbread with you. x



I want to make a documentary about how Beatlemania is still alive in the 21st century from an insiders point of view. I’m sick of being called obsessed by people who have no understanding of how I feel about The Beatles and their music and who I don’t invite to talk to me about it.

If you’re interested in helping out please record a video of yourself answering the following questions:

Do you share your love of The Beatles with family and friends? What do they think of it?

How did you get into The Beatles?

Which is your favourite song and why (in as much detail as possible)?

As part of a worldwide fandom online have you made any good friends? Tell me about them.

Have The Beatles inspired you at all in your life and how?

Have you ever acted in a way other people would call irrational or obsessed in relation to The Beatles and how?

Have you ever experienced any particularly strong emotional connection, reaction or become a little hysterical when listening to The Beatles? How and to which song(s)?

Whose your favourite Beatle and why?

Would you call yourself obsessed? How do you feel if and when other people call you obsessed or insinuate that you shouldn’t feel so strongly about a band?

In regards to how you film the video: 

If you have a Beatles t-shirt please wear it but don’t go out of your way to ensure it’s in shot. Frame yourself in a way you would naturally regardless of what you’re wearing. However if you have any Beatle-y things you can put in the background that would be great!

Please make sure when you film there is NO music playing in the background because it makes editing very difficult for me and try to go somewhere I can’t hear your family talking and DON’T film in your boiler cupboard (because someone did that once and it was one of the worst sounds I’d ever heard).

Please speak clearly and try to relax and not get to self-conscious. Imagine you’re just talking to me rather than a camera (and I’m not scary and I would give you cake).

If you have difficulty e-mailing me the video feel free to put it on youtube and send me the link.

Thank you! After you’ve made it e-mail it to

And if you support me in this project please reblog this so more people can see it. 

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